Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kittens Gone Wild

Sooo, Mrs. Tuna ask me to do a guest blog for her since she is slightly overwhelmed with the past few weeks of turning 50, getting a new job, flogging students for group projects and all that wedding planning. Since I am MUCH younger and will not turn 50 for another 50 days I said I would adore helping. 

Funny thing about writing this blog is I planned on putting it on word and sending it to Ms. Tuna for editing. It was then that I discovered that I do not even have Word on this computer. I have had this laptop for 7 months and never knew that. One would assume correctly that the extent of my computer use is now social media and stalking old high school boyfriends. Understand please that of the boys I dated in HS-95% are now gay. This is not a good average and I am not proud of this. Don't know if I turned them gay or I just liked handsome men.
Not sure how the new job thing is going. It involves engineering and when they start to talk about it I tend to zone out and mentally start my grocery list. I am quite content to be blissfully ignorant when it comes to civil engineering. Just make all the lights green when I am late for work. 

Her big birthday bash was great, awesome food as you can imagine. For some strange reason she got enough bottles of wine that she could open her own tacky dark wine cellar to lure 12 year old boys (or did you miss that blog?). FYI-she only drinks white so she will be re-gifting a lot of the extra reds. Me please!! And yes, I did see her add ice a few times but it is Arizona and chilled wine does not stay frosty long. The birthday party was a big occasion in Tuna town. She even went out clothes shopping which she hates to find "clothes that did not make her look fat" (she never looks fat btw).

Our nearly famous blogger has an extreme case of sticker shock about wedding venues. She has resorted to looking at settings like the Dog Park for the reception. I think her theory is that if she feeds them enough good food and wine that they won’t notice. Since I still have two kids to send away I am waiting to see how that works out. Bet she keeps some of the reds for that. 

Recently, someone left a gaggle of kittens on my porch and I knew surely no one else would bring her such an awesome half century gift. Guess I must have teased her a little too much because as of 5 minutes before the party was about to start I was still getting calls and texts threatening me with future  booze abandonment if I brought the little fur ball. Probably didn't help that Bebe brought her a gift wrapped litter box.

I did take a photo of Mrs. Tuna at the party that she actually likes. Makes her look thin and she is thrilled that she was not holding a hair ball hurler. Tastes like chicken she said.  Since the birthday party was actually on Cinco de Mayo and we are in Arizona I am going to share one of my favorite Mexican recipes. Not exactly authentic but I am a Caucasian.

Tortilla Flat:
2 can cream of chicken soup
2 (4 0z) cans of green chilies 
1 doz corn tortillas
1 large onion: diced
obscene amounts of grated cheese
cooked chicken or turkey

Mix the soup and chilies together. Lightly grease a large baking dish. Layer in this order:
Soup, tortillas, onion
, cheese, meat, top with onion and cheese. Bake at 325 until bubbly and cheese is melted

Ms. Tuna will be back soon with lots of news to share now that she is older and more mature, about to be a mother in law and is now back at the slave market. Thanks for your patience!
Ms. Antonymous


Anonymous said...

So I moved from Anonymous to Antonymous in the editing! It is all good. Still have 3 kittens to give away. Ms. A

Kerry said...

Hey good job. Good luck with the kitten-giving. Maybe one of those engineers would take a kitten or two.

MOV said...

so good to get the re-cap! Happy birthday, Mrs. Tuna!!!


Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tuna!!! love the picture of you....

Mrs. Tuna said...

Dear Ms. A,

Thanks so much for the ah professional opener. Get your minds out of the gutter. It will come in very handy.

PS Reviewed you original text and Antonymous it was. I thought I f*cked up, good to know I'm still perfect at 50.

Mark said...

I love Birthday posts!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Tuna!!!!!!!!!
Your Friend, m.
Now drink up!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Tuna!!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Welcome to the 50 and getting better club! And you can never have too many wine openers!

Janie Junebug said...

Please have your pets spayed or neutered. And your husbands.


Andrea said...

Happy birthday! Not enough wine to think a kitten was a good idea, huh?

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday..welcome to Ye Ole Farts Club!!
Oh, I forgot, 50 is the new 30..Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Glad you haven't killed the Big Tuna off-what would you have to blog about!

Kimberly said...

You don't need a tacky wine cellar to lure me on over...
Just tell me you have wine.
Happy Birthday xoxo

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tuna! You know you want a kitten. Yes you do.

Just thought I'd help Antonymous out a little ; )

dbs said...

You can get older but don't get too mature.

Tina´s PicStory said...

what a sweet pic :)

Kernut the Blond said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Tuna! You look maaahhvelous, as always! xo

WhisperingWriter said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tuna!

Charlotte said...

You did an excellent job with you guest post. Hope her 51st year is her best! Best wishes on the wedding. I too have kittens I am bottle feeding and need to find homes for. It's going around.

Jojo said...

Please tell Ms. Tuna happy, happy birthday. If she decides to re-gift any of that red, she can certainly send it my way!

New job, wedding planning and birthday celebration. Ms. Tuna needs a spa weekend!

Mary said...

Happy Belated birthday! I joined the club in late March. Still feel like I'm 29, so that's where I'm staying! :)